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Nano copper AHT Solution is a solution containing copper ions (Cu++), was researched and produced by nanotechnology, one of the most advanced technology currently carrying antibacterial principle, super strong sterilization. Under the effect of nano particles (size 10-9 m), the cells of more than 650 types of bacteria are destroyed.

In addition to Nano copper AHT solution also has features to prevent smell. Nano copper AHT Solution has antibacterial properties and prevents microbes to 99.99%, far more beneficial than other antibacterial products. When exposed to Nano copper AHT solution within 3-24 hours, most of the bacteria, fungi are destroyed

Nano copper AHT solution with nano meter-sized, direct effects of harmful bacteria. It is composed of cells taken directly bacteria, fungi and break the cell structure, disable the development and growth of them. Nano copper AHT Solution destroy viruses by moving to cut DNA, RNA of the virus.

So the features of reducing bacteria Nano copper AHT solution , we can say that technology is strong and safe antibacterial today – Nano copper AHT Solution owns the amazing ability to kill bacteria folding hundred times the copper metal and help heal the wounds through nanotechnology.