Applications of nano silver in some other areas

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  1. Plastic industry (PE, PS, APS, PP):
    • applications in the processing of plastic in liquid. Nano Silver AHT solution is mixed or processed at a dry form of chitosan powder was impregnated Nano Silver AHT solution, helping to create antibacterial properties of plastic materials.
    • Recommended concentration: 20-40% W / W
  2. Paint:
    • Nano Silver AHT solution is used as coating solution for processing, helping to create antibacterial and destroy properties of paint.
    • The minimum concentration of 2% W / W
  3. Fiber Industry:
    • Nano Silver AHT solution was added during the dyeing or soaked in the last stage of the product before drying, helping to create antibacterial properties of new generation fabric (cloth and clothing with antibacterial nano). Current is applied to the high-end clothing, fabric for clothing of disease prevention, clothing of operating room, medical masks…
  4. Preservation of fresh fruit:
    • Fresh fruit after being washed with water to clean dirt will be washed in Nano Silver AHT solution. The Silver Ion (Ag+) will kill bacteria on the skin of a fruit, as well as prevent the microorganism then. The antibacterial and antimicrobial help more fresh fruit and be preserved longer.
    • The concentration recommended: Nano Silver AHT solution with concentration of 20-50ppm