Applications of nano copper in Agriculture

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Nano copper AHT solution to help prevent and destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogens plant, reduce or without the use of toxic plant protection drugs, thereby creating a favorable environment for plants growth and development, improve the quality of agricultural productivity, help protect the environment and human health, while increasing crop growth after being watered with a solution of Nano copper AHT solution. Nano copper AHT solution can be used for all kinds of plants, such as crops (vegetables), food crops (rice, corn), industrial crops (pepper, coffee, cocoa, tea, sugarcane…), the type of flower … Use periodically for each different crops will have different spray schedule. For example, the period of seedling resistance is weak, it can be handled immediately after the period of soaking seeds and soil, on period of leaf growth if treated  by Nano copper AHT solution, the leaves are health, trees thrive strong and enhance photosynthesis. Nano copper AHT solution can be used to treat soil before planting, because the land has a lot of germs, so before sowing or planting, use Nano copper AHT solution sprayed onto the surface to anti fungi, bacteria, then proceed fertilizer and sowing or planting will give superior performance.

Thus, using Nano copper AHT solution is considered a new direction to ensure the development of clean agriculture, safe, efficient and economical

  • On Pepper: Nano copper AHT solution special support effective prevention Phytophthora, Pythium, Fusarium that cause disease for root rot, die fast, die slowly, yellow leaves.
  • On Cocoa: Nano copper AHT solution special support effective prevention of important disease on cocoa as dry young fruit, fruit rot, leaking pus – stem cancer, stem rot – root collar, yellow – loss leaves, especially during the rainy season conditions, high humidity.
  • On Coffee: Nano copper AHT solution special support effective prevention of important diseases in coffee: Dry young fruit, fruit rot, rust and other fungal diseases.
  • Some other plants: supporting prevention and treatment of diseases of rice, red … mycosis caused.

Pepper Flushing garden – scaning stump
  • Flushing garden: after harvesting, pruning, spray 150-200ml Nano copper AHT solution with 16 litters of water).
  • Scaning stump: remove branches near the ground, mixed Nano copper AHT solution (150-200ml / 1 litter of water) to scan the stump and roots.
Root rot – die fastly
  • Diseases do pepper trees die mass when the disease infects below roots, pepper trees may die within 1-2 weeks
  • Upon seeing of the first symptoms, the objective wires was penetrated inside by fungal from 2-3 months ago, so it is necessary to properly implement preventive methods.
  • Early and mid-season: prevention and treatment by Nano copper AHT solution as watering stumps with dose of 150-200ml / 20 litters, watering 3-4 litters / stump depend on age of tree. When the disease causes severe damage, watering the second time after 7-10 days.
Yellow leaves-die slowly
  • Caused by nematodes damage root to be good conditions for many kinds of fungi: Fusarium, Pythium attack and cause root rot.
  • Check the roots, if they have tumor roots that are caused by nematodes should treat by nematodes drugs.
  • Then treated with Nano copper AHT solution follow the instructions as above.
Cocoa Prevention dry young fruit disease, fruit rot
  • Preventing fruit rot: Nano copper AHT solution, 150-200ml / 16 litters spray fruit stage with diameter 2-3 cm (fruits have size equal thumb upwards), spray 3-4 weeks/time. In case of serious illness: spray Nano copper AHT solution with 150-200ml / 16 litters 2 times 7 days apart.
  • Combined with pruning ventilation, sanitation garden, collecting and destroying disease fruit.
Prevention ulcer body – and pus leaking algae spot, mold on the stem
  • Using Nano copper AHT solution, 150-200ml diluted in 1 litter of water, using a brush to scan them absorption onto the plant root, the main body.
  • In case of severe disease lesions, using knife take off the bark of disease section, scan drug absorbed uniformity, scans second time after 7-10 days if necessary.
Prevention yellow leaves – root rot
  • Dilute Nano copper AHT solution with dose of 150-200ml/ 16 litters, watering around root, 2 times 14 days apart.
Coffee Prevention and treatment of rust disease
  • Spray Nano copper AHT solution second time after 7-10 days with dose of 150-200ml/ 16 litters uniformity on the trees.
Dragon fruit Prevention and treatment of white spot, anthracnose
  • Dilute Nano copper AHT solution with dose of 150-200ml/16 litters, watering on trees, 2 times 7-10 days apart.
Other plants Prevention and treatment of fungal
  • Dilute Nano copper AHT solution with dose of 150-200ml/16 litters, watering on trees, 2 times 7-10 days apart.

  • High efficiency with a variety of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and plants.
  • Used on many plants (fruits, industrial crops, rice, vegetables of all kinds).
  • Cover, good adhesion. Anti rain runoff. Sustainable crop protection.
  • Low dosage.
  • High economic efficiency. Environmental safety